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2020.06.11 - Master courses and laboratory "Computer systems in medicine" : name of the enrolled students for the edition 2018, 2019
2020.06.05 - TUIT: Further information about the TechReh laboratory and the Master's degree in the direction of "Computer systems in Medicine"
2020.06.04 - Information about Master courses and laboratory "Computer systems in medicine" at TUIT
2019.06.30 - New quotas for Master degrees in the framework of the Erasmus+ projects includes TechReh Master
2019.06.18 - It was received an official document on the opening of the magistracy "Computer systems in medicine" and quotas for TUIT
2019.03.04 - From February 18 to February 22, 2019 in the Innovation Center of Tashkent pediatric medical Institute was held a training course on CRM systems and Project management.
2018.12.17 - Karshi Meeting in TV
2018.12.05 The Final Conference of Erasmus+ CBHE Technology in Rehabilitation (TechReh) was held in the Innovation center of Tashkent pediatric medical institute
2018.12.03 - News on the Internship Activities in Santo Stefano - Ancona on Uzbekistan Website
2018.10.17 - 4-10 October 2018 Visit of prof.Juocevicius to Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute
2018.08.31 - Visit to Rehabilitation Center De Nicola
2018.08.30 - Visit of the TechReh delegation to the Italian Prefect of Benevento, his excellence Francesco Antonio Cappetta
2018.08.22 - Internship in Benevento - UNISAN 22/08/2018 - 02/09/2018
2018.08.20 - First Day of Internhip, Ancona
2018.04.30 - April 24th-26th PLUX contributes to modernize physiotherapy education in Uzbekistan led by European consortium TechReh
2018.04.22 - 20-21 April, 2018: Conference on "Prospects for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies."
2018.01.26 - Opening Cerimony of the Laboratory for Rehabilitation and OCDT in Karshi
2017.12.26 - TUIT held the opening ceremony of the laboratory "Computer systems in medicine" in the framework of the project TechReh ERASMUS +
2017.12.04 In the innovation center of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, a two-day training was held within the framework of the Erasmus + program on the TechReh project.
2017.12.03 - TechReh Project on Utzbekistan TV
2017.08.03 - ICT didactical framework is available
2017.04.28 - BITalino WEB resources
2017.04.26 - PLUX contributes to modernize physiotherapy education in Uzbekistan led by European consortium TechReh
2017.02.02 - Guidance-on-Capacity-Building
2017.02.01 - Erasmus+ and HEREs publications
2016.11.22 Open conference of the project Erasmus+ CBHE technology in rehabilitation (TechReh) in Uzbekistan
2016.07.28 - Kick off meeting