The main objective of the TechReh project is to define a learning environment to deliver more opportunities to access new competences related to the rehabilitation activities and jobs. These new competences refer in particular to the use of advanced ICT solutions for the rehabilitation that may go a long way towards the goals and priorities in terms of optimization of the healthcare organizations network and development of ICT, that have already been stated in the Welfare Improvement Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2015.

Some specific objectives of TechReh are:

1) identification of technological needs for rehabilitation in Uzbekistan, then their experiences in the field are essential to define the background and how EU experiences, polices, best practices can improve the current situation;

2) deploying of:

a) The existing Master programmes in Medical Rehabilitation offered at the medical HEIs involved in the project will be modernised in the framework of the project activities.

b) A two-year Master "Computer Systems for Medicine" will be developed by the project, to be implemented at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

c) Short courses for medical and technical professionals will be developed in the framework of the project.

Please note that these results sobstitute the Master Course foreseen in the presentation of TechReh project. This change was officially approved by EACEA, please find here the letters exchanged with the Agency and the new logical matrix framework of the Project. 

3) setup of Offices for Cooperation and Dissemination of Technology in Rehabilitation (OCDTRs) in order to consolidate the technology adoption and development in rehabilitation fields;

4) setup of an ICT platform.